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Bridal Hairstyles for the Boho-Chic Bride

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Let's be real... the wedding scene has taken a whole different shape and form since our life halting pandemic. Thus, pushing planning nuptials to really look outside the box as to what they really want for their Big Day and throw the traditional wedding out the window. Personally I couldn't be more excited for the non traditional aesthetics. It has allowed all my creative juices to flow and be inspired again after two long years of indoor, "on hold" life.

So let's get to some of my favorite hairstyles for the Boho-Chic Bride. She stands out in her own uniqueness and feminine energy on a daily anyway. So she needs something divine and eye catching on her big day as well. Today we are seeing anything from loose messy buns, fresh flowers in the hair, or more uncommon adornments typically not used.

Pearls and chains have been used on low ponies. Ponytails go great for simpler necklines such as boatneck, off the shoulder, or halter. Really exhibiting the shoulders. This spin on the classic pony is also great with solid fabrics and jumpsuits!

Here we have another way of having a slick back profile but with a more session/runway take. Bobby pins are no longer discreet. They shine on with the rest of the look.

The next look I've seen lately is the messy updo. This look has definitely transitioned from pre covid years, but evolved so eloquently.

Updos are great for almost any neckline on the dress. But especially when you're trying to be ultra romantic, to show off the color bone or your bomb make up.

Okay, clap with me now.... EARTH 👏🏾 GODDESS 👏🏾 VIBES👏🏾 Especially with all the wonderful elopements going on, the easy, breezy styles are perfect for that "take your breath away" vibe. This hairstyle goes perfectly with the more flowing and less structured wedding dress or suit.

I think unique hair adornments are THE MOST FUN and definitely the most underrated bridal hair trend. There are so many possibilities without having to fret about your actual hair. And it also helps to play up your dress, and even encompass the whole vibe or theme of your wedding. Here are some of my favorites.

Lastly, braids are becoming more popular amongst the bridal scene and I'm for it. This look adds a bit of folk/ancestral aesthetic or playfulness to a structured dress.

I hope some of my favorite styles and inspirations inspired you! For more fun reading, subscribe and follow or blog and check out our social media. For consultation or appointment inquiries, please shoot us an email or book with our link

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